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Is your cat microchipped?

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A found cat...that was able to return home... thanks to her microchip!

By June it will become a legal requirement to have your cat microchipped. So to help out, through May we are offering a limited number of cat pawents a free microchip.

The microchip implant and registration is free to the first 10 cat parents! Once these places are taken, all that we ask is that you make a £10 donation to CatsProtection.

This is a charity event and all proceeds will go directly to Cat'sProtection South Wirral Branch.

As our phone lines are very busy, all calls will be directed here: so if you could contact us in the first instance here we will be add you to our list.

Please note that due to time pressure on our staff, appointments for this charity event will be available at specific times only.

We hope to see you soon 😊

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