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Hide and seek

Cats and dogs are very good at hiding. Hiding behind the sofa, in bushes, hiding toys......... and hiding their pain. People often tell us that they dont think their pet is in pain because they're not 'saying' anything. But your pet maybe trying to tell you something in a more subtle way.

Our pets are evolved to hide pain. In the wild, showing pain would make them more vulnerable to predators.

So, pets hide most of any pain that they may be feeling. And if it is long term pain (chronic) from common things like arthritis or dental disease, it comes on slowly over a long time and so is less easy to see.


Severe pain can be easy to recognise but when it's subtle, its more difficult to tell if your pet is in pain, less obvious signs of pain can be

  • sleeping more

  • become quieter

  • not want to go out as much

  • nibbling or licking

  • shaking their head

  • hunched posture

  • eating less

  • licking lips

  • quick breathing, fast heart....

In the older pet, its easy to think that its just that - they're getting older.

And because they are older, there may be things that we can do to help them stay comfortable.!

This is where we can help

We can help you to recognise when they need help

We can provide the support your pet needs to keep them comfortable

Between us we can maintain your pet's quality of life, especially as they get older

Ask about our Geriatric Clinic - time set aside to support your older BestFriend.

For more information, subscribe to read on.

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