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Is your cat trying to tell you something?

Cats are very good at hiding how they are feeling. They are also experts at hiding pain!

Your cat may simply become less mobile and they may not show much on the outside, which makes it difficult for you to tell if your cat is stressed.

  • Behaviour - hiding, being grumpy, playing less, resting more, jumpy, hissing

  • Aggression - towards you or other random things

  • Sleeping more or being more alert

  • Play - has anything changed?

  • Spraying urine or toileting in the house

  • Food - has their appetite changed?

  • Grooming - increased licking, pulling hair from coat

  • Odd stuff - such as conflicting behaviour, eg. approaching then withdrawing, more alert

Some things are more obvious and could be signs of stress:

  • Quick breathing, crouching, tail in, flat ears, dilated pupils, aggressive if approached

There are many things your cat maybe trying to tell you, which can be difficult to interpret if you don't speak 'Cat'. If any of this rings true, watch out for our self help page with tips to help your cat live happy, coming soon 🙀

Is your cat trying to tell you something?

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