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Too hot to trot

With the unprecedented weather and no time to adapt, are some tips to keep your pets comfortable:


  • panting

  • noisy breathing

  • drooling

  • restlessness, agitation

  • gum colour change

  • stumbling, disorientation, collapse

Pets with flat faces, thick coats, older or younger are more at risk!

If you are concerned please call your vet and meantime:

  • move them to a shady space

  • offer small sips of water

  • place a damp towel over them - changing once it becomes warm

  • lie them on a damp towel or cooling mat


  • skip walks in hot weather

  • keep dogs on a lead and walk early or late

  • consider cooling a cooling mat

  • pet-friendly sun screen

  • check rabbits for fly strike twice a day

  • ensure constant access to shade and cool water - if outside remember the shade will change at different times of day

  • ice cubes in your pet's water

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